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Philae is a Mario Galaxy like game, you are a robot sent on a mission without return to an unknown constellation in the hope of discovering life forms. With the bad encounters in perspective, you will have to face the law of gravity as well as the total loss of your landmarks.

Olivier Angoue-Ondo - 3D Artist (Environment Design) - http://www.olivierrostal.fr/

Lingyi Zhang - 3D Artist (Chara Design) - https://www.lingyizhang.ovh/

Leo Lombart - Sound Designer - https://leolombart10.wixsite.com/sound

Hugo Kerdranvat - Game Designer - Light/VFX artist - http://hugokerdranvat.com/

Ugo Belfiore - Gameplay Programmer - http://www.belfiore.ovh/


V9.7z 198 MB

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